current interests 19th November

I intend on making a vision board, I intend to monthly keep check of evolving interests to perhaps work on involving myself more in the things that interest me. I eagerly want to learn the art of connection – to me this is starting to look like going back into education, to study any one of my interests: English language, Film or photography, psychology… neurolinguistics?¬† … Continue reading current interests 19th November

Note to self

Goal setting has to be more important than skin care right now, or rather, skin care has to be budgeted, because I budget time now and I budget my money, like a bad b. Because I said to myself I need to be successful, I need to be financially free and I could be worse off but I’m not, so I might as well meet … Continue reading Note to self


  I found Jesus yesterday and I feel an inner calm, I still need to sleep better, I still need to clean up all the mess, Because I feel like I just come back home. No money in my account yet, but theres love in my heart, I feel like nothing really is ever more important than God. And through God anything is possible. Continue reading Remembering

Current interests as of 15th October 2018

If I do this often enough I might see a patten, right? This is me taking myself and my interests more seriously. I think through documenting what I like, want to do, aspire to, thoughts, feelings and reflections, I’ll begin to understand myself a bit better. My interests update: Photography archives – photography with a strong sense of purpose, aroused from a deep understand or … Continue reading Current interests as of 15th October 2018