I don’t know what else to do, so I read

I’ve been in far too many predicaments where I have absolutely no idea what to do or where to start. Reading often gives me hope and a much needed direction. Oftentimes, you don’t even choose the book, you think you do, but books are magical, they put you under a trance, until you believe that you boldly choose it and not it choosing you.

I’ve been noticing this one book for a while now, its been giving me this cheeky wink, to which I dismiss it, but I sneakily listened to a few minutes of the audio book and it gave me a few new perspectives. This was not a one off occurrence, the back and forth of listening to the audiobook had been happening for a good couple months- and its not like I got anywhere, I’d literally have to start all over again, because i’d forget where I last left off- I think i’m 1 of a few who dislike audio books for this reason, I remember more when reading.

But anyways this amazing book is called Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill, and my goodness, when I finally did get round to ordering a copy I realised it was everything I wanted it to be and then some. And then I was reawakened to the power of a good book.

I landed a new job, but not just any job, I’ve been wanting this job for almost a year so for it to come to me via email, in less than a week of me reading this book and literally a day after I wrote out my goals one of which was to get that job, it does feel kind of magical. And I’m grateful. Because I’m learning how crazy and uncanny life can be sometimes. I always knew it but the prankster that is life keeps on reminding me, in a tough love kind of way. So here I am reading this book, learning the more I read that I shouldn’t just read when I feel lost, I want to always fill my mind with beautiful words, reminders, stories that takes my mind on a journey- when my mind feels limited and stuck, the good book will whizz me off to another land of wonderful possibilities and put me at ease. I love learning from self help masterminds, I love learning about the great possibilities of where my life can go, and I love realising that I can dream, I can dream as big as I want to, and nothing makes me feel like I ought to dream bigger than a great book.

So yes, if you haven’t gauged by now I love reading, I read when I don’t know what else to do, and in those moments its the best thing I can possibly do. My environment wouldn’t have taught me and helped me to see what I learnt from these book, some wisdoms you’ll never find on social media, some sentences feel a lot more scared in a book. And there is magic in reading from paper, when all day we’re willingly staring into screens, its kinda refreshing actually. For 2019, I decided that I will read no less than 10 books, imagine the kind of person I could become by making time to read more- i’m looking forward to putting this practical goal to the test, I’m looking forward to the transformation in perspective these books will bring.

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