Living my best life

I’ve been pulling, no, dragging myself out of this rut that I put myself in for months now. And I think i’m in a place now of maintenance and implementation. This means, maintaining all the effort I’ve put in to get myself in a good place mentally and implementing all the new things I’ve learnt to put myself in the best possible predicaments.

I’m starting to look like me again, how does me look like? well it’s not a physical thing, though it can include physical aesthetics, first it starts with mental. It looks like me making an effort to remind myself of my greatness, it starts by me taking time to decorate my room with kind words and positive affirmations and goals. It starts the very moment I decide that I want to be better. This whole journey is about maintenance, tweaking and adjusting, I think the main thing for me to do is to not forget my goals and daily tasks to a point where I feel like I’m starting all over again, I felt like 2018 has been about me digging myself out of a deep hole, something that I could’ve prevented, but I learnt a lot in that hole, in fact I think its given me depth of character because I really travelled into a place deep within myself that I wouldn’t have been able to reach without those adversities, so i’m grateful for them.

I learnt that I really don’t care for popularity, I just want my work to be impactful and I want to have fun while doing so. This means a lot of work, no short cuts, but my new focus is on making the journey a great eventful memory, one where I would’ve tried my best to be my best me and produce work that reflects my values, imagination, hopes and aspirations, and I can look back and be happy with all my actions. I reread some of my older journals and I really want to immerse myself in my craft like I once did.

Aim of the game is no regrets. No could’ve tried harder, no could’ve been betters. No regrets. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5a18.jpgThis is how I will enter 2019, I need that fresh energy, I’m ready to go harder than I’ve done in a long while, I want to create some momentum now in my life. The picture above is the colourful reminders I’ve hung on my wall, because I can forget the plan sometimes which leads me down a spiral of wondering what the point of life is, and thats a dark spiral, my trick is to grab onto whatever gives my heart even a glistening of joy, theres magic somewhere there. I’m starting to love this journey more, I’m starting to reclaim my power and magic, nothing can get on top of me, theres always something I can do. Always.

Also, BIG BIG INSPO. Major inspo as of late has been Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn will get your whole life together. Heres a vid and you can see for yourself. I have so much trust in his life teachings, now I’m feeling like I want to execute on some goals I’m tuning into his teachings more.

On a final note, I hope you continue to reach for what you want out of life, it never is too late, with consistency in positive thought and action anything is possible and thats for you to find out and discover, your dreams are up for grabs and within reach. Trust yourself, trust God. Never stop trying. I’m speaking from a place of uncertainty about where my life will be in the next couple months but with trust that everything will be great if I continue to put in the work.

Peace and love,