Angel, inner guides

I created this piece a couple days ago, I haven’t shared it with anyone.

I’ve been going through a revelation period in my life where I’ve been discovering parts about myself that I would like to work on, do better in or be stronger in. Truth is, I’ve allowed my substance, the things that make me me take a backseat because I refused to see me as good enough, I thought I had to change, I believed that what I brought to the table wasn’t good. I’m in a place now where I’m able to see more clearly the core of who I am, and I love it, I aim to bring it out more. I want to bring forth work that reflects that core and those values.

Angels, black angels, follow me, they protect me, my ancestors, my friends, divinity. Where I feel like I have been alone, they have always been there, guiding me, pushing me to be free to explore the entirety of who I am, I see colours, I love the difference and range that colours bring, the different feelings they evoke the different realms they give access to. I love what life can offer, I want to tap into the parts of life that offers laughter, excitement, joy, challenges, fun, connection and love. I want to experience a happier range in life, I’ve been experiencing regret, shame, sadness, self doubt for a while now, I am ready for change. I want to be lead by a force I know is love and has the best interest for me. I love black angels, in a world where only white angels are seen as pure and holy, it makes seeing a black angel far more moving, its more real, its closer to the love I never gained access to because of my difference. I want to create more of what is real to me.

angel of my life.png


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