Review: Passion Gap

I watched this film on Omeleto called ‘Passion Gap’ as I wanted to understand the context surrounding the movies title, and was shocked at some of the themes it touched on: sex, gangs, violence, misogyny.

The main character Elani shared her story from a place of brokeness, I think that what drew me in, the slow sad manner in which it was told, one I came to learn began and ended in misfortune, on the same street in Cape town.

The beginning was tense so I felt compelled to understand the dynamics of the main characters life as she grew older. Alarm bells went off for me when it was shown in some scenes following that she had a boyfriend… Abuse by men introduced the film and ran throughout the rest of the film. Abuse first by her father, casual abuse. Then next as she hung out with friends, and 2 two boys on bikes came and gestured things intimidatingly sexual and lastly her boyfriend of almost a year who seemed to be a ticking time bomb, often showing his frustration and degradation of women.

This film was hard to watch, it was a life she seemed to want little from besides innocent trips to the park and to dance and have fun with her boyfriend, who only seemed to be interested in money and other women, to which she even seemed to be supportive off.

“every girl should have a very good plan”  was a statement exclaimed by a stranger in a  bathroom scene, but it seemed to have an effect on the main character, I don’t think she thought about that, I don’t think she ever saw beyond her circumstances.

Here is the film, if you get to watch, let me know what you think, also I’m trying a new thing with theses brief reviews, its something I think will help me a lot when I eventually create my own movies etc, so I want to get better in it.

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