current interests 19th November

I intend on making a vision board, I intend to monthly keep check of evolving interests to perhaps work on involving myself more in the things that interest me.

  1. I eagerly want to learn the art of connection – to me this is starting to look like going back into education, to study any one of my interests: English language, Film or photography, psychology… neurolinguistics? 
  2. Philosophy, love of wisdom, love of perspective, love of observing and having a relationship with life.
  3. God, in all God’s mystery and simplicity. Spirituality. Prayer
  4. African traditional philosophy.
  5. Rebellion in art.
  6. Rebellion in women. Liberated woman in every sense.
  7. Self management, money management, resilience.
  8. Health, wellness and fitness. Healthy mind and body.
  9. Black women’s elegance and femininity. The power of femininity, charm and self awareness. 
  10. Writing + reading for reprogramming, expansion and a greater awareness of self. 
  11. Speaking and being in higher consciousness.  
  12. Peace – self regulating, always trying to stay conscious of actions, repercussions, emotions.
  13. Photography to tell a story and share my vision.
  14. Bucket list of things to try. Feeling like I want to have things to be excited about before I die.
  15. Travelling, making it a goal to experience more experience .
  16. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
  17. Rewatching old mafia films: Pending: Carlitos way.
  18. Feeling comfortable allowing myself to be me, however the hell that shows up
  19. Emotional intelligence to strengthen empathy. 
  20. Self love to exist more confidently doing my own thing in this world.



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