Working out turned spiritual enlightenment?

*inserts deep meaningful quote about running being life here* 

“In the race of life, you need self confidence, courage and faith in your abilities to win the race.”

What is going to keep me consistent when it comes to waking up relatively early, in the cold, in winter, sleep deprived to the gym where I will further push the limits of my mortal body?

I’ve set a goal for 3- 4 times a week, and I’m looking forward to meeting that goal, because I love a good challenge, however, I am also aware that when the going gets tough… the tough gets going and I’m not trying to get going! I’m trying to stay doing this, for the long run (literally)

But the goal is not just for a fit bod. My body has changed so much, gone are the days where I casually kept fit through partaking in random activities and walking everywhere, gone are the days of a beloved fast metabolism *sigh* (joys of adulting). I found that when I tried to slim down for a toned slick bod, I never stuck to gym and I always felt bad.

One thing that has been my saving grace about working out is that I love how it makes me feel, mentally. Its feels like meditation, I love transcending my perceived boundaries of what I thought my body could do, I love staying on the treadmill even when I feel like coming off, and I attribute this directly to my mental resistance increasing. The more I drag myself to the gym, through tiredness and an achey body, the more I feel my mental resilience increasing, I feel like a frickin warrior! When I’m working out, running on the treadmill, I feel like I’m running past insecurities and I’m running into opportunities, I’m running into unknown territory and its exciting, I feel unstoppable and I know that that specific session will count in my favour later because I’ll see improvements in my body’s ability to take pain. And pain is not the end of the world, in fact working out has shown me the hard way that theres no growth without pain. Or as that saying goes “no pain, no gains”

So what is going to keep me consistent when it comes to working out? I’ve made a few points.

  • Increased mental toughness and mental strength.
  • Confidence in my body and yes, saying goodbye to love handles 
  • Mind and body connection

Mind and body connection is the most important, it means that my mental and physical environments are aligned. On a deeper level, it means confidence that my invisible wants can be manifested because I trust that my physical body can take on whatever, because I have developed a deep focus that connects both my mind and body.

It means security in my body, it means that I am confident in my ability to overcome despite feeling uncomfortable or in pain. And lastly, it means I can live in my body fully and feel each moment because I’ve spent time consciously in it.

I’ve watch a couple of videos that got me to this point, David Goggins is one major inspo who went through absolute shit in his life and used being in the navy going through rigorous physical exercise to help him transform his life, not just his body. He showed me that running is a direct metaphor for life, and helped me see the rational in marathons (something I’m now interested in doing).


This video inspired me to make an actual fitness plan and it was a joy to watch each persons personal journey, further reiterating that working out is a process and not just for trying to look good but also a very intense mental journey.


I’m looking forward to what the future hold with my new deep found appreciation for fitness!




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