Routine and repetition: Time

Okay so i’ve identified something that needs to be worked on, routine and repetition.

With my new interest in budgeting, its only right that I manage my time properly too, I have introduced Google calendar into my life where I will be properly planning my days and syncing it up to my laptop to make planning a more staple thing in my life.

I have opted to wake up early, meaning an early bedtime, and occupying my mornings with a pre planned activity, meeting, gym or work that helps bring me closer to the bigger goals (to which I still need to decide on)

And I have decided to publish this journey, this will probably be one of the hardest things along with waking up early but I’m here for routine and repetition, even if I flop, I must document it, I must make time to document it, I want to be obsessive about it. And I want to grow in better appreciation of my time. So cheers to day 1.. I should be sleeping, my first morning activity is at 10.15 am for a 45mins gym sesh. But its 1.16am and I haven’t prepared for bed or for the gym, not the best of starts, but a well deserved pat on the back because its a start *shrugs*

I am taking control over my lively hood and I will document the process for a better understanding of how I can improve and use my time effectively and boy am I nervous.

Wish me good luck.

(video that helped me make the change)