Goal: Have more like-minded friends

Don’t be a taker be a giver…

“what you bring to the table determines who sits at your table” wise words from Shanel Cooper-Sykes

It gets boring feeling lonely.

After a while you want to just talk with people who you really connect with and who connect with you, without pretence. I’m on this journey of betterment, not just for myself but to find my tribe of people, who I can do life with, help, support and grow with. And it’s mutually fulfilling.



“concentrate on showing that we like them”

Sometimes I feel like its really about giving yourself a chance at friendship, deciding whether you like someone you’ve just met is not a black and white straight forward thing,, so its important not to shut ourselves of before a possible relationship has even formed, our opinions on new people fluctuate as we decide what kind of meaning we want to attribute to this new connection. I think its important in this process to be as genuine as possible as well as inquisitive, it helps to set the tone of the kind of relationship you’d like to have with that person, it also helps that individual to see that you are authentic and genuine in your interest towards them.