Want a waffle?

Waffles in bed.

2 waffles and me equals a shit sandwich. Haven’t left my room in a couple days now, haven’t left my house either. This is limbo. I sleep with motivational videos and law of attraction videos and ‘the power of believing’ videos and I read, I read a lot, and I write affirmations upon affirmations and not that I’m asking you to speed up the process of my blinding success, but please, speed up the process of my blinding success. I am bored. I crave excitement, I’ve eaten far too many waffles. But i’m trying, still, editing editing editing photographs, staying far away from social media (kinda) and my heart is open, and i’m listening to what my heart is saying, she’s not worried, even when she saw my account was on a minus today, its like she knows everything will be just fine and I believe this, as shit as I may look right now I know everything is working for me, in my favour.

And i’m still thankful.