Current interests as of 15th October 2018

If I do this often enough I might see a patten, right? This is me taking myself and my interests more seriously. I think through documenting what I like, want to do, aspire to, thoughts, feelings and reflections, I’ll begin to understand myself a bit better.

My interests update:

  • Photography archives – photography with a strong sense of purpose, aroused from a deep understand or longing to want to understand a particular subject/ event.
  • Art – Shape, form, colour, writing, moving image, poetry- I want to immerse myself in art that speaks to my soul and bring forth something that makes people want to bring forth something from them.
  • Philosophy – On a mission to simplify my life through philosophic principles and wisdoms, I am about to immerse myself in the book “Seneca on the shortness of life”
  • Devine feminine energy- I know that I am a woman who posses both feminine and masculine qualities but it is the feminine that I want to deeply unearth, a curiosity that I have had for a while now.
  • Transforming the mind, transforming the body.
  • African literature – Currently reading “The thing around your neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichchie” I feel like I’m learning more about myself, I feel through this book I’m learning how language can beautifully be sewn into something that comforts and warms those inner most parts of you. I aspire to write as beautifully as Chimamanda.
  • Production – I want to be a director one day, so I am indulging in a lot of content as to find my sauce or specifically, what I draw to, I have also just finished interning at a production company and did some BTS photography for a music video, I hope to build more contacts in the industry and a better understanding of how things work, but I really can’t wait to bring to life a body of work that I am proud of.
  • Non surgical procedures – Controversial one, but I am, and I’ve become more open to it as I’ve grown older with deep set lines that no amount of concealer seems to cover, I want to be comfortable without makeup but I’m no where close.
  • Feeling comfortable in myself – The question shouldn’t be “do they like me” but instead “do I like them” I think this interest is my life long quest, because ultimately I just want to have fun within myself unburdened.
  • Simulation theory – Yes I believe we are living in a simulation, humans can be coded.
  • Neurolinguistics – The power of language on the mind.