Bold babe

I cut off all of my god forsaken hair.

And it feels so good, like a weight off my shoulders.

I been on this natural hair journey for about 2/3 years and I really didn’t enjoy it, maybe because my hair never seemed to respond to any products and was most of the time, crispy dry 🙄 or because my fro never looked full and luscious like the Youtubers on their natural hair journeys. But one things for sure, it feels so bloody good not to worry about hair anymore. I used to have dreams of long, flowing, really big hair, but that was never my reality and it frustrated me, I still wore my hair out in declaration of my self- love but it still felt like too much of a chore, I never felt liberated like i’d imagined. Not like I do with my extra short do.

I don’t need nor do I want to worry about hair, I want to have fun with it. I don’t want my hairstyles to hold me back or leave me feeling stuck, I want to feel beautiful regardless of the way I choose to wear my crown, and frankly I’ve always thought bold babes were so beautiful, i’d often have moments were I’d be like ‘oh, I know why I find her so beautiful, it’s because she has no hair’.

I’ll be dying my hair then going to the barbers to even out my tiny fro and get a shape up- as my boyfriend has suggested. To summarise it feels good to just do me, even if that does mean chopping of all my hair, a truly liberating and beautiful act.

Photography by me

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