Is reality a simulation? Notes

The reality code- is reality random, or is it a deterministic algorithm that can be predicted?

  • Freewill and consciousness – if reality is deterministic then we have no free will we only think we do
  • the third option – reality is neither deterministic or random, it is a code based reality, a language that is playing out

Language- it is a special kind of language with a special set of symbols  (research quasicrystal)

Reality is made of information (john Wheeler (he coined the word black hole))

  • energy is inexplainable, information describes it, another choice is that reality is literally made up of information.

What is information?

  • Meaning conveyed by symbolism
  • Everything about physics is geometric- the meaning of the information is the physical structure itself
  • (what is a square? it is a symbol) we can use a square being an abstract symbol to represent a square- you can use abstract symbols to construct a higher dimensional reality e.g from a square 2D to a cube 3D

Reality mosaic like code, 3 dimensional quasicrystal that describes wave form and particle information and describes change and time related ideas and spacial related ideas.

Is reality a simulation?

A simulation is the idea of taking a code and using that symbolism information to model or describe something else, if you use geometrical symbols in a geometric language to simulate a geometric object. Hardware software simulation object are all one in the same.

if meaning and language and symbolism relate to the chooser, how can reality be a language, who would recognise the meaning of the symbols

see Frank Wilczek  Andre Linde and John Wheeler 

Who is the chooser of the language and the user of the language the observer who sees the the language attaches to its symbol?

collective consciousness

Einstein; there is no difference between the past and the future- it is a stubborn illusion.

Space time- relativity theory- there is yesterday today and tomorrow, they exist  in co ordinates

In quantum mechanics there is an idea that reality is non local- an object here is connected with an objected here-

String theory

loop quantum gravity

quantum mechanics

they disagree with eachother – there is no theory of everything

What is the theory of everything? This is the holy grail not discivered

currently using quasicrystal mathematics

e8 crystal to build 3 diminutional quasicrystals

the largest most expensive thing humans have built is the large hardron collider in Geneva Switzerland, no one country could afford it so many countries came together to buy it. It is a microscope that allows us to pull down on the pixels of reality, we can have closer look at the pixels of reality to produce data.

  • particle physics
  • conversions between fundamental things
  • higher dimensional shapes and their latice
  • E8
  • Gage symmetry relationships


does consciousness exist?

what is consciousness? nobody knows


how big can conscious be?

can a system become more conscious than a system

self organisation  on simpler systems like cells

humans theoretically link up to create a much bigger collective consciousness

what is a consciousness that experiences no time


algorithms for quantum computing

shores algorithm – factoring

grovers algorithm for unstructured search

how can i get involved in quantum computing and contribute